3 Things About Digital Storytelling

What does it mean to tell a story in the digital era?

Photo Credit: My “Typography” & Prisma.

When everything is ephemeral yet saved somewhere, the publisher must adapt to how the internet powers discovery, consumption and production of stories.

When startups are emerging at an unprecedented multiplier, it’s harder than ever to raise your value prop above the industry noise.

When anyone can create another social media account, it’s harder than ever to earn the attention of your target community.

The internet can feel like a place where everyone’s got a mouth and nobody’s got any ears, but storytellers are fortunate to live in a time with such opportunity to connect content and people.

At ArtMap Inc, we market early stage venture startups, new products by large companies, and are interested in people who lead movements. In our objective to scale the art of storytelling and the science of distribution, we own and operate blogs and publications across dozens of verticals that hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of monthly reads.

In terms of the future of content production and content distribution, remember:

1. no story exists in a vacuum,
2. every publication has an interest,
3. storytelling attracts customers.