Why We Use Direct Messaging To Communicate With Our Influencers During Every Marketing Campaign

There are influencer marketing agencies out there that sell big brands on influencer campaigns, find the biggest influencers they can on Instagram, offer to pay them exorbitant amounts of money to post on the brand’s behalf, and then the moment the deal is done, barely communicate with the influencers for the duration of the campaign.

If you want your campaign to be unsuccessful, that’s the fastest route of getting there.

I have been running influencer marketing campaigns long enough to tell you communication is everything — before, during, and after a campaign. Without open communication before a campaign goes live, you will have influencers that don’t post the right content, or don’t post on the right day, or don’t include the right link in their captions. And if you don’t communicate and reflect on how the campaign performed when all is said and done, the agency and brand won’t know how to improve for the next one, and the influencer will be equally as lost as to how they can be more effective for their next marketing opportunity.

But it’s the communication that happens in the middle, during a campaign, I would argue is the most important — which is where so many agencies tend to drop the ball.

For every single campaign we run at theAmplify, we use the Slack API to communicate directly with influencers. Why? Because when influencers are able to submit content and receive real-time feedback, campaigns move more quickly and quality is substantially higher.

I asked our VP of Brand Strategy, Lindsay Fultz, to weigh in here, since she’s the one reinforcing why campaign communication is so vital on a day-to-day basis. She added, “It’s vital for creative strategists to be able to communicate with influencers in a fluid, real-time manner to ensure content is authentic, engaging and conveys brand messaging. Having influencers sift through dozens of emails or asking influencers to hop from one app to another to get feedback when creating content can take them out of the creative zone — which can really hurt the process and negatively impact the sentiment of the campaign. Through our custom app, influencers are able to receive campaign offers, creative briefs, collaborate with strategists on content storyboards, post and get paid all in a singular app. It’s particularly valuable for live-activations and creating video.”

“For example, during a campaign for AXE, we were able to virtually ‘be on set’ with an influencer as he was making content around skateboarding, and consult on camera angles and vocal inflections — all through the same app he was using to submit content, in real-time. Ultimately, it’s about streamlining the creative process and facilitating influencers to create the highest-quality content possible to deliver stellar results for our client brands.”

What’s important to remember is that while influencers are the ones who have the followers, and often times are really the creative masterminds behind great content, they also need to be put in positions to succeed — which is where the agency comes in. An agency should never get in the way of the creative process, but should help facilitate it. They should be there through every phase of the campaign, actively communicating with influencers and ensuring that one eye is always kept on the bigger picture: driving results for the brand without compromising the integrity of the influencer and the relationship they have with their audience.

For us, we use direct in-app messaging predominantly because that has proven to be the most effective messaging platform. Most influencers already use Slack for their own projects, or to communicate with their own networks and influencer groups, so it’s a fairly easy integration to use similar messaging for our communication.

It doesn’t really matter what platform you use, as long as you’re accomplishing two things: increasing the visibility between all parties involved in the campaign, and second, not choosing a messaging medium that adds friction to the equation. Because at the end of the day, quality of content is what matters most, and nothing empowers creators more than quality communication.

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